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Accounting Technology Magazine, September 2005: Visible Means of Support - Vendors are trying to make service and maintenance programs more palatable to end users.

The changes in the Navision plan have been good, says Ed Avizur, owner of A. B. Computer Systems, and MBS is helping increase the renewal rate by providing amnesty period for those who don't renew before their contracts lapse.

"They are waiving penalties. Customers who are lapsed can come back onto support until the middle of September", he says. The incentive, he continues, has also triggered three or four customers to switch to MBS products from those of a competing vendor.

LI Business News, August 5, 2004: 'Webinars' from A. B. Computer Systems

A new offering from A. B. Computer Systems which has offices in Melville (also in NYC & NJ) enables you to train associates on-site over the Internet. The company provides live web-based training seminars, or "webinars", on business software, including tools from Microsoft programs Excel and PowerPoint, as well as topics such as warehouse management and lean manufacturing.

A. B. President Ed Avizur said all that's needed to participate are a computer, Internet access, a phone and about 60 minutes set aside for a training component. A. B., in turn, sends out e-mail invitations with the web site to sign to, a meeting code and a toll-free number to call - and the training of course.

July 12, 2004: A. B. Computer Systems Inc. has won a contract to install, integrate and support business accounting software for A. K. Allen Co.'s Mineola based companies, Allenair, Allen Avionics and Precision Disk Grinding.

Newsday, February 7, 2004 - Excerpts from an article about job growth:

The job market got a sluggish jump out of the starting gate in January, with the creation of 112,000 U.S. jobs, the Labor Department said Friday... "The job market is improving, but painfully slowly", said Mark M. Zandi, chief economist at Economy.com in West Chester, Pa.

"We're seeing solid gains in the underlying fundamentals" said Treasury Secretary John Snow. "We're returning to a 'Goldilocks economy' that is growing just right", said House Majority leader Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas). "The economy is growing at a fast pace and creating new jobs, but not so fast as to burn itself out".

Yet just to keep up with population growth, experts believe the economy should add 150,000 positions each month. "This is not enough jobs to be running in place", said chief economist Bill Cheney, with John Hancock Financial Services.

But companies are still hesitant to add to payrolls, instead using productivity to gain ground. Take A. B. Computer Systems, Inc. in Melville. Until recently, the small software provider has worked employees harder and used technology to improve business. Now, it's finally ready to hire a few new employees.

But even that's not good news to all. President Ed Avizur is receiving as many as five resumes a day. And, in a buyer's market, he can look for someone with specific expertise. "It's very expensive to train, so you get someone who... can start day one".

The HIA Reporter, January 16, 2003: A. B. Computer Systems, Inc. has been selected by American Scholar to implement Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision and to provide all related implementation, consulting and support services...

Accounting Technology Magazine, September 18, 2002: Ed Avizur, President of A. B. Computer Systems, Inc. said that "In both product lines that we implement, Navision Attain and Accpac Pro Series, we see more and more demand for Supply-Chain related e-commerce applications. That means providing customers, vendors, and salespeople, with either visibility and/or transaction entry functionality at different points in the Supply-Chain. On the EDI front, the mid-market requirements are still mostly driven by the Majors, and here again we see increase in demand. So if you would like to do business with some of the Fortune-size companies, you better have integrated EDI functionality."

The New York Times, June 2, 2002: Ed Avizur, the president of A. B. Computer Systems in Melville, said that several customers decided recently to proceed with projects that were on hold since mid-2001.

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