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Our company provides software implementation services for businesses that are looking to improve and streamline operations by implementing state-of-the-art information technology, in areas such as Sales, Purchasing, Accounting, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Customer Service. We can help your company to increase productivity, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and increase profits.

The Support Plan hours can be utilized for any of the following QuickBooks Enterprise related services:

  • On-site training.
  • Classroom training at one of our training centers.
  • Live Internet-based training sessions.
  • 800 Hot-line and Internet-based customer support.
  • Needs analysis and software selection.
  • Design of custom applications using the QuickBooks Software Development Kit.
  • Installation, data conversion, integration, form design, and system setup.
  • Establishing and documenting internal procedures.
  • Consulting and project management.
  • Software upgrades.
  • Business continuity.
  • Report creation and modification.
The following Support Plans are available: 50, 100 or 150 hours. Please call us for hourly rates.

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