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Webinars: QuickBooks Enterprise, Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), CRM, GP (Great Plains), Sage Pro ERP (SBT), Microsoft Excel, Project, PowerPoint, Word & Outlook.

QB Software is a leading provider of turn-key business management software solutions and related services. With very experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated, professional and certified consultants and software developers, and with a proven implementation methodology, we help our customers to increase productivity, efficiency, market share, customer satisfaction, sales and profits. Established in 1989, our New York and New Jersey based company specializes in the implementation of Accounting, Distribution, Manufacturing, Service, CRM and Internet Commerce Software for small and mid-sized companies in the United States. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an Authorized Sage Business Partner we implement state-of-the-art business software, and are committed to Quality, Service and Customer Satisfaction.

Free Business Software Webinar Registration


10 Free Web-based Training Seminars To register to one of the webinars that we offer please use the link at the bottom of this page. Cost and payment information are described below.

Successful companies know that training and re-training of their employees are some of the best investments they can make. Well trained employees translate into increased productivity and efficiency, reduced costs, happier work-force, increased customer satisfaction, and increased profits.

In addition to providing our customers with half-day and full-day on-site and off-site training sessions, we also offer "Live Web Based Training Seminars" (webinars) on business software. Topics include Microsoft Business Solutions Navision, ACCPAC Pro Series, Excel, Project, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, SQL, Act, Goldmine, FileMaker, Crystal Reports, and related topics such as Warehouse Management, Accounting, and Lean Manufacturing.

For each seminar that you register for, you will receive an e-mail invitation with the web site to sign on to, a meeting code, and a toll free number to call. No travel is required. All you need is a Computer, Internet Access, and a Phone. It's as easy as sitting at your computer for one hour at a time and learning a new topic, or refreshing your current knowledge, and also learning new tips and tricks. Attendees can type in questions and interact with the trainer in real time.

Because we can train a few customers at a time, the cost of our webinars is much lower than the hourly rate for on-site and off-site training sessions. At one hour per session, you can still work most of the day, which is much more manageable than missing a few days at a time. And if you are away from your office, let's say on a business trip, and you can dedicate an hour to a training session, you can access the webinar wherever you are.

The presentations are live and are conducted by our very experienced and knowledgeable consultants and trainers. They have excellent communication skills and they have spent many years training companies in different industries. Please Click here to see what our clients are saying about our products and services.

Our webinars are not meant to replace the half-day or full-day training sessions that we provide for our customers, but rather to augment them, by introducing new employees to different business software products, and by teaching existing employees about the software products they already use. Our experience shows that existing software users, by learning and re-learning the features and functions of the software, and related tips and tricks, can dramatically increase their productivity. Employees will also discover areas in the software that your company already owns but is not being utilized yet. In addition, it is a good opportunity for companies to evaluate new software or additional modules of existing software, before purchasing it, and for managers to familiarize themselves with the latest available software and advanced technology.

Webinar Information
  • More webinars will be added on most Fridays - so please check the list on Monday, or send an e-mail to in order to receive an e-mail notification every time a webinar is being added. At the bottom of this page there is a link to a Terms & Conditions page and to the Registration page, where you can find a list of all available webinars.
  • Only questions that the presenter think may be of interest to most attendees will be answered during the webinar. Other questions may be answered by e-mail after the session ends.
  • The tele-conferencing service will put all callers on hold with music, until the presenter enters the session. At that time, all attendees will be put on a Listen-only mode.
  • Customers who cancel a webinar registration at least three business days prior to the session will not be charged for that session.
  • If you require a few employees to sign on separately (such as from multiple locations), each sign-on requires the purchase of one session. There is no limit on the number of employees in each location that can participate in a session.
  • Specified webinar time is U.S. Eastern Standard Time (GMT-05:00).

Webinar Prices and Payments
  • We offer the following quantity break prices:
    Purchase 20 webinars at $90 each ($1,800). Purchase 15 webinars at $95 each ($1,425).
    Purchase 10 webinars at $100 each ($1,000). Purchase individual webinars at $120 each.
    The prices include our cost for using the Microsoft Live Meeting service, and the cost of the Toll-free Teleconferencing service. Payments are not refundable. Existing ABCSI Customers can't use pre-paid hours for webinars. Checks must be received at ABCSI at least four business days before the first training session.
  • Discounts - Existing ABCSI customers who are either on our annual maintenance plan, and/or purchased pre-paid hours, receive a 10% discount when purchasing 15 webinars (pay $1,282), and a 15% discount when purchasing 20 webinars (pay $1,530).
  • Checks are payable to A. B. Computer Systems, Inc. and should be mailed to:
    A. B. Computer Systems, Inc.
    Webinars Department
    200 Broadhollow Road, Suite 207
    Melville, NY 11747
  • With your check, please enclose a copy of the e-mail confirmation that you received for the first webinar that you registered for. If for example you are sending a payment for 15 webinars, and the first webinar you registered for has an "Event ID: 100138", please enclose a copy of that e-mail confirmation with your payment. Your invoice number for this payment will be the event number plus the initials of your company name, such as 100138ABC. An invoice will be mailed to you, indicating the payment amount and your check number.

Additional Information
  • Please click here to view the Terms & Conditions.
  • We know that your time is very valuable - so we plan to start and end each webinar on time - please don't be late.
  • ACCPAC Pro Series, SQL, Goldmine & ACT Webinars will be posted soon. Over 30 Microsoft Navision, Microsoft Office, Project and PowerPoint Webinars are posted below.
  • Our consultants are also available for on-site and off-site training sessions. If you would like to schedule a half-day or a full-day session (or a few sessions), please send an e-mail to

Please click here to confirm that you agree to the Terms & Conditions
and to proceed to the Registration Page.

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